About us

About Us

Just Go Pin Box is a part of Alteazi Global Pvt Ltd working in the industry of grocery delivery. We are establishing ourselves as the emerging business house fulfilling all the requirements of users related to Grocery, Personal Care and Household Requirements.
Our goal in this industry is to provide quicker delivery to users on nominal prices. We always bet our users over prices. We are the one providing all the grocery, personal care and household products on wholesale prices to end users. We are delivering products at your doorstep with no extra charges.
Currently we are fulfilling around 1000 orders per month but to be honest it was not the same from day one. We started with an aim, we failed, were rejected by customers, we improvised and we started working again. We are making all the changes, which are customers ever desired.
Many a times we are requested to add something in the order, we are even asked to deliver some products on priority, we also understand that grocery is something, which is a primary need, and just like the shop of your locality, we understand that payments can sometime be delayed.
We are working with the desire to touch every type of individual or home. Ordering grocery online is still considered as a thing, which belongs to Middle class or upper class. But with our approach we are trying to be the store of even lower class or lower middle class. So that, those people can place order without being concerned about the prices, delivery charges and other stuff.
We believe that in India we will have a successful run and we will do every single thing to make it happen.